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Birmingham Orthodox Cemetery Becomes Extension of St.Mary the Protectress Church

Call for Motion of Approval to accept Birmingham Orthodox Cemetery (BOC) as an extension of St. Mary the Protectress UO Church of Melville based on the following mutual relationship of the two as submitted to the Consistory of the UOCC.

                        WHEREAS the Birmingham Orthodox Cemetery (BOC) is one of the oldest Orthodox cemeteries in the area (the first interment in 1912), and

                        WHEREAS many of the earliest Orthodox people were founders of the Independent Orthodox Church of Birmingham (1910-1912) and the Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church of Fenwood (1918-present) their progeny following in membership in the St. Mary the Protectress Orthodox Church in Melville, and

                        WHEREAS the area Orthodox people were well represented at the formative meeting at Saskatoon on July 18-19, 1918 at which time the UOCC was established: H. Lysechko, Andrew Philipow, Alex Haleluk, Michael B. Halyk, Theodore Feduk, the latter two being interred at the BOC, and

                        WHEREAS an active committee has been formed to beautify, to landscape, and to maintain this cemetery, and

                        WHERES most of the committee members as their forebears (many of whom are interred in this cemetery) are also members of the St. Mary the Protectress UOC of Melville, and

                        WHEREAS many, both members and non-members, support the work of this committee through active participation and monetary donations and who would likewise further be so encouraged to do so,

                        THEN, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the St. Mary the Protectress UOC of Melville, Sask. accept this cemetery as an extension for the purpose of issuing receipts bearing the Revenue Canada Registration Number of this church.

                        On behalf of St. Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Melville, Sask. I, Russell C. Sawchyn, move the approval of this motion.

                        Second:------(Bunny Halyk).       

                        Outcome:----( carried by unanimous vote In favor).

Dated this--(13)--day of--(Feb.), 2000 in the City of Melville by convention of the congregation of St. Mary the Protectress UOC.

Secretary: St. Mary the Protectress--(Russell C. Sawchyn).

President: St. Mary the Protectress--(Ted Starchuck).

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