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Vaping – Banned in Some Countries?!

When I was recently traveling, I found that there are a lot of surprising things that you need to consider when you’re going to a difference country. Using a vaporizer as an alternative to smoking (usually referred to as vaping) is actually problematic in some cases – and I found this out the hard way myself. Where is it Banned? The list is actually bigger than you may expect – almost all of the South American continent has banned vaping, along with Egypt, Austria, many of the Pacific Islands, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and even Mexico. These countries are the ones that say absolutely not, from the sale of e-cigs and vaping liquid to using them at all. There’s even a list of places that restrict how you can use your vape – Canada, Australia, most of the Scandinavian countries, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Hungary, Thailand and Iran are just a few of them. Restrictions are based on where you’re vaping and how you’re using it, depending on the country you’re in. Why is it Banned? The fact of the matter is, vaping is something that is constantly being studied. There is more and more research out there about how it helps people to quit smoking and how it does not have a lot of risks to a person’s health. The problem is, due to the fact that this research is always adapting and changing, some countries are very hesitant to let things that they see as potentially hazardous and dangerous into their countries for people to use and consume. Thankfully, many countries are in flux when it comes to how they feel about vaping. Not only are more countries going from “banned” to “restricted” (or nothing at all in regards to legal regulation), but it’s also becoming more socially acceptable as well. It’s our hope that it will, in time, be easier to work out as you get ready to travel as someone who vapes on a daily, or fairly regular basis. What Should You Do? Keep an eye on things that you’re doing on a regular basis. Instead of taking something obvious, look for something like the portable vaporizer by so that they do not get confiscated. In some cases, you may want to completely avoid bringing your e-cig, because you could get a hefty fine or prison time as a result, and that can be even more complicated. If you have any questions, consider contacting an embassy or those who may oversee or understand that area of law. The Importance of Research In short, it’s good to actually take some time and really research what is legal, illegal, and customary in the countries that you may be visiting. Knowing this information can actually take some stress off of you and prevent any sort of problems from coming up in the meantime. What do you think about this information? Are you surprised or not? And what have you done in order to prevent further issues when it comes to going to another country?